Change history for Riverstone Litha

1/19/2011 2:50:33 PM:
Added by Nancy Bartol

1/19/2011 2:59:28 PM:
Modified by Nancy Bartol
name="Riverstone Litha", SearchName="RIVERSTONELITHA", CallName="Cooper", Gender="M", Country="US", Breeder="Wendy St George", HipRegistry="None", EyeRegistry="None", HeartRegistry="None", ThyroidRegistry="None", HeartType="Normal", ThyroidType="None", EyeType="Normal", Djd_Left="none", Djd_Right="none", Cavitation_Left="0", Cavitation_Right="0", PatellasRegistry="None"

1/19/2011 2:59:58 PM:
Modified by Nancy Bartol
sireID=913, damID=956

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