CH 'PR' GreatMountain Tanaina CGC DNA-VIP

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH 'PR' GreatMountain Tanaina CGC DNA-VIP
GreatMountain Kinguyakkii DNA-VIP
GreatMountain Mikkelsen DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Maximus DNA-VIP
GR CH ''PR'' GreatMountain Lyric Tikaani RL1, CGC, HIC DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Tanacross DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Schoodic Mist DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Coho DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Kusko DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Yukon Charley DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Sinamokst Red DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X McKinley DNA-VIP
UKC GR CH, ARBA CH Saghalie's Kaniksu Reign DNA-VIP
'PR' Saghalie's Kananakis Windfall
'PR' Saghalie Kootnai of Channahon DNA-VIP
Saghalie Athabascar Annawan
Saghalie Blaze
Saghalie Midnight Kaia
'PR' Saghalie's Waukiacum Whirlwind
Saghalie's Bitteroot Storym
Saghalie's Kananaskis Windfall
Saghalie's Skookumchuck Tyee
CH Winterset's Heyokakaga Suka DNA-P
Winterset's Dawson DNA-P
Winterset Amber Moon Mahng Odei
Winterset's Alyeska
Winterset Lily of the Valley
'PR' Englewood Koosah of Saghalie DNA-P
'PR' Englewood Kanati
Englewood Welsh's Kodiak
Englewood Alexander
Englewood Ranger
Englewood Beyer's Everest
GreatMountain X North Trav'ler DNA-VIP TT
GreatMountain X Cedar Adahi DNA-VIP
GR CH 'PR' WoodsRunner Duncan DNA-VIP
UCD CH WoodsRunner Phoenix CGC
WoodsRunner Sheluk Naii
WoodsRunner Ranger
WoodsRunner Aspen
WoodsRunner Scout
North Down X Cheena
Northdown Orne's Bear X
Northdown Paleface - X
CH ''PR'' Hurricane Nokomis Dream DNA-VIP
CH PR Hurricane Nankoweap CGC, DNA-VIP
Hurricane Sampson
GR CH 'PR' Rivertrail Seneca DNA-VIP
CH ''PR'' Rivertrail Liberty
GR CH 'PR' Rivertrail Raven CGC
Rivertrail Justice
Boreayl's Rivertrail Justice
GR CH Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl DNA-VIP
Thunder Paws Nany
CH 'PR' Ditch Creek Suki DNA-P
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Electra DNA-VIP
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Starseeker DNA-VIP
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Tchoutacabouffa DNA-VIP
''PR'' Hurricane Samson
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Wilhemina CGC
'PR' Hurricane Miss Tucker
'PR' Hurricane Everest
'PR' Hurricane Tucker
GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie NSW BIMBS DNA-VIP
Hurricane Elena
Hurricane Wee Neida Bee
Hurricane Frederick
Hurricane Beowolf
Hurricane Freyke
Hurricane Cheechako
Hurricane K-La
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Kniki DNA-VIP
Hurricane Cygnus
Hurricane Figaro
Hurricane Tanana
Hurricane Pungo
Hurricane Tyee
Hurricane Kananaskis
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Tobruk DNA-VIP
Hurricane Keno's Vision Quest
Hurricane Kiska
Hurricane Aleut
Hurricane Tracer
Hurricane Alberta
Hurricane Rupert

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