CH GRCH/GRCH Forever Greene Atka

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH GRCH/GRCH Forever Greene Atka
Forever Greene Cohlena
Forever Greene Tensing's Nukka
Forever Greene Berik
Forever Greene Kilbuc
Forever Greene Trondek
Forever Greene Raluk
Forever Greene Tundra
Forever Greene Tagluk
Forever Greene Attu
Forever Greene Suka
Forever Greene Lashka
Forever Greene Kima
Forever Greene Sitna
Forever Greene Ulak
Forever Greene Oomiak
Forever Greene Savik
GRCH PR Granite Hill Howlet DNA-VIP
CH PR Granite Hill Suzie-B DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Chisana DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Wrangell
CH ''PR'' Granite Hill Eureka DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Monson DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Tekla DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Tolstoy DNA-VIP
PR Granite Hill Trailbreaker Spirit
'PR' Alpine Fionn of Aspencreek
GRCH 'PR' Alpine Babazuzu
Alpine Saghalie's Natalia
Alpine Willow Sunshine
Aspencreek Jackson Tyee
'PR' Aspencreek Kobi
Aspencreek's Cherokee Thunder
AspenCreek Belfast Blue
Mountain Laurel Nesika
Mountain Laurel Koltag
Mountain Laurel Mystery
Mountain Laurel Cobalt Blue
Mountain Laurel Storm
Mountain Laurel Walden
Mountain Laurel Paladin
Mountain Laurel Nikolai Kobuk
Mountain Laurel Sunshine
Mountain Laurel Foster
Mountain Laurel Ajax
Mountain Laurel Ullr
Mountain Laurel Ceibo
Mountain Laurel Max
Mountain Laurel Zara
Mountain Laurel Machias
GRCH PR Balsam Ridge Akutaq DNA-VIP, CGC
CH Balsam Ridge Lincoln DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Koda DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Ripley River DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Lily DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Sadie DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Remy DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge Jake DNA-VIP
GRCH Cloudburst Kennebec River DNA-VIP, CGC, TDI
GRCH Cloudburst Walden's Quest DNA-VIP, TT
Cloudburst x Loki
Cloudburst x Bo Hadley
Cloudburst x Bacio
Cloudburst x Marley
Cloudburst Monocassy DNA-VIP
Cloudburst x Kodiak
Cloudburst x Banyon
Cloudburst x Ruby
Cloudburst x Harvey
Cloudburst x Snowy Camden
Cloudburst x Georgina
CH Balsam Ridge Katherine DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge X Dakota
Balsam Ridge X Takoda
CH Balsam Ridge Tucker DNA-VIP
Balsam Ridge X Hudson
Balsam Ridge X Tanner
GRCH Forever Greene Talis DNA-P, CGC, RN
Forever Greene Kajuk
Forever Greene Kaya
CH Channahon's Northern Kodiak DNA-VIP
''PR'' Mahng Odei's Millennial Moody DNA-VIP
Howlin Hills Genesee DNA-VIP
Howlin Hills Mooseelauke
Howlin Hill Diamond n'th Ruff DNA-VIP
Howlin Hill Dozer
GRCH, PR Lighthouse Mystic Seaport DNA-VIP, CGC, TT, TDI, OAJ, OA, AJP, AXP, CL3-R
Lighthouse Alki of Saghalie
Mahng O'dei's Outlaw Yuch'aan
CH Mahng Odei's Outlaw Mukwah
Mahng Odei's Outlaw Yuch’ann
'PR' Saghalie's Kananakis Windfall
UKC GR CH, ARBA CH Saghalie's Kaniksu Reign DNA-VIP
'PR' Saghalie Kootnai of Channahon DNA-VIP
Saghalie Athabascar Annawan
Saghalie Blaze
Saghalie Midnight Kaia
'PR' Saghalie's Waukiacum Whirlwind
Saghalie's Bitteroot Storym
Saghalie's Kananaskis Windfall
Saghalie's Skookumchuck Tyee

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