Intervale First Sister

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Intervale First Sister
Intervale Ferncroft CGC TKN
intervale Felix at Ossipee
PR CarrigainMountain Hyas Talapus DNA-VIP (OFA CI-655G27M-VPI)
CarrigainMountain Bear
PR CarrigainMountain Tucker DNA-VIP
PR Carrigain Mountain Meeko DNA-VIP
CarrigainMountain Sadie (OFA CI-651E25F-VPI)
PR CarrigainMountain Lindy DNA-VIP (OFA CI-650E24F-VPI)
PR CarrigainMountain Hazel DNA-VIP
PR Skyland Sabino Cuculann of Great Mountain DNA-VIP
Skyland Harper of Grt Mountain
Skyland Harper of Great Mountain
SKyland Sabino Cuculann GreatMtn
Skyland Harper of GrtMtn
GR CH 'PR' Rivertrail Seneca DNA-VIP (OFA CI-152G24M-PI)
CH ''PR'' Rivertrail Liberty
GR CH 'PR' Rivertrail Raven CGC (OFA CI-175G36F-PI)
Rivertrail Justice
Boreayl's Rivertrail Justice
PR GreatMountain Ningo Saba CGC DNA-VIP
NBOB PR GreatMountain Redington Guide CGC DNA-VIP (OFAPrelim 1366768 - Good)
GreatMountain X Macwahoc
GR CH PR GreatMountain Cutler CGC DNA-VIP (OFAPrelim 1365419 - Good)
GreatMountain Macwahoc DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Onadaga
Great Mountain Madison
GMC Puppy
GreatMountain X Abbey Jones DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Nala Rose DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Madison DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Tom Neidermeyer DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Schoodic Mist DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Coho DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Kusko DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Yukon Charley DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Sinamokst Red DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X Tanacross DNA-VIP
GreatMountain X McKinley DNA-VIP
GR CH ''''PR'''' Hurricane Chocorua Moon DNA-VIP (OFA CI-180G24F-PI)
Hurricane Lilly Blossom
'PR' Hurricane Lily Blossom (OFA CI-218E31F-PI)
AKC CH Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine CD BN RE CAA TKN CGC CGCA CHIC (OFA CI-483G27F-VPI)
Riverstone Litha
Riverstone Solstice (OFA CI-501G28M-NOPI)
Riverstone Lighthouse Basil RN, CGC, CHIC (OFA CI-475G25M-VPI)
Riverstone Mabon
Riverstone Imbolc CHIC (OFA CI-488G27F-VPI)
Riverstone Lammas (OFA CI-480F24M-VPI)
Riverstone Ostara-Samhain CHIC (OFA CI-484G27F-VPI)
Lighthouse Point Sur (OFA CI-209F27M-PI)
Mahng Odei's Outlaw Yuch’ann
CH Mahng Odei's Outlaw Mukwah
Mahng O'dei's Outlaw Yuch'aan
'PR' Saghalie's Kananakis Windfall
UKC GR CH, ARBA CH Saghalie's Kaniksu Reign DNA-VIP (OFA CI-97G24M-T)
'PR' Saghalie Kootnai of Channahon DNA-VIP (OFAPrelim 710330)
Saghalie Athabascar Annawan
Saghalie Blaze
Saghalie Midnight Kaia
'PR' Saghalie's Waukiacum Whirlwind (OFA CI-98E24M)
Saghalie's Bitteroot Storym
Saghalie's Kananaskis Windfall
Saghalie's Skookumchuck Tyee
Intervale Brown Eyed Girl (OFA CI-323G31F-VPI)
Intervale Big Man on Campus (OFA CI-298F24M-PI)
Intervale Running with Quimbo (OFAPrelim 1245473Fair)
UKC CH Intervale Claire de Lune CD RE BN NAP NJP CGCA TKN CHIC (OFA CI-327G32F-VPI)
Intervale Good as Gold (OFA CI-299G24M-PI)
Intervale Once in a Blue Moon (OFA CI-327G32F-VPI)
Intervale Rock the Boat (OFA CI-315G28M-NOPI)
Intervale Franklin CHIC (OFA CI-310G27M-PI)
Intervale Ursa Major (OFA CI-429G62M-VPI)
Howlin Hill Diamond n'th Ruff DNA-VIP (OFA CI-199G73M-PI)
Howlin Hills Mooseelauke
Howlin Hills Genesee DNA-VIP (GDC 11783)
Howlin Hill Dozer
GRCH Intervale Imp Face CHIC, CGC, DNA-VIP (OFA CI-125F45F-PI)
Intervale Piper (OFAPrelim OFA15519H13AN)
Intervale Tuckerman DNA-VIP (OFA CI-138G57M-PI)
Intervale Honey CHIC, DNA-VIP (OFA CI-105G25F-T)
CH Intervale Crystal Cascade CGC, CHIC, DNA-VIP (OFA CI-124G45F-PI)
Intervale Surprise AD, AS, NJC (GDC GDC15129H13EN)
Intervale Franconia Notch (OFA CI-169G74F-PI)
CH Intervale Katherine CHIC, CGC

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