Rain Mountain Frontier Shuksan

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rain Mountain Frontier Shuksan
Rain Mountain Skykomish River
CH Frontier Brick Rafferty
Frontier Rockin Robin
PR BrownStone Rodion of Frontier
Ch. PR BrownStone Lolo Kumtux of Rain CGC
'PR' BrownStone Tillamook
'PR' BrownStone Kalama
'PR' BrownStone Hatshepsut
'PR' BrownStone Ali
Ch. PR Hurricane Malibu Rain
'PR' Hurricane Mercury
Hurricane Escalade
PR Hurricane Katsuk Rain Song
CH 'PR' Hurricane Cheyenne
Ch. PR Frontier Rain Dancer McKenzie CGC, HIC
CH 'PR' Frontier Buck Sullivan
Ch. PR Frontier Dandelion Sky
CH 'PR' Frontier Indian Summer CGC
CH 'PR' Frontier Indian Summer CGC
Ch. PR Frontier Rain Dancer McKenzie CGC, HIC
CH 'PR' Frontier Buck Sullivan
Ch. PR Frontier Dandelion Sky
CH WoodsRunner Rorik DNA-VIP
CH WoodsRunner Rain Shadow DNA-VIP
GRCH WoodsRunner Allagash Springs
WoodsRunner Plato
WoodsRunner Aspen Ridge
WoodsRunner Baby
WoodsRunner Quintessential Charm
WoodsRunner Charlie
WoodsRunner Boomer
UWP Grand Ch Mountain Rain Dancer Quinault CGC FDX
UWP Grand Ch. PR Rain Mountain Tonasket Thunder CGC HCT DNA-VIP
PR Rain Mountain Stillaguamish
PR Rain Mountain Tyee Wildfire
PR Rain Mountain Semiahmoo Mariah
PR Rain Mountain Stehekin Wolf
Boreayl's Salishan of Rain
GRCH Cloudburst Walden's Quest DNA-VIP, TT
GRCH Cloudburst Kennebec River DNA-VIP, CGC, TDI
Cloudburst x Loki
Cloudburst x Bo Hadley
Cloudburst x Bacio
Cloudburst x Marley
Cloudburst Monocassy DNA-VIP
Cloudburst x Kodiak
Cloudburst x Banyon
Cloudburst x Ruby
Cloudburst x Harvey
Cloudburst x Snowy Camden
Cloudburst x Georgina
GR CH 'PR' WoodsRunner Duncan DNA-VIP
UCD CH WoodsRunner Phoenix CGC
WoodsRunner Sheluk Naii
WoodsRunner Ranger
WoodsRunner Aspen
WoodsRunner Scout
Cloudburst x Snowy River
Cloudburst x Trombone
Cloudburst x Forte
Cloudburst x Timbre
Cloudburst x Kyawa
Cloudburst x Lyric
Cloudburst x Yukon
Boreayl's Summer Sunshine
CH 'PR' Boreayl's Sure Hit
CH 'PR' Boreayl's Summer Sunshine
GR CH Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl DNA-VIP
Thunder Paws Nany
Mystx Crystal Rose of Boreayl

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